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Deep Tissue Massage

$55.00/30 minutes    $100.00/60 minutes    $150.00/90 minutes

The Deep Tissue Massage is perfect for those who enjoy a stronger swedish based massage in which the practitioner applies more pressure to knead and soften chronically tight muscles at the deeper layers of muscle tissue. You will definately feel the knots being worked out! Very popular for neck, shoulders and back.

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Orthopedic Massage

$55.00/30 minutes    $100.00/60 minutes    $150.00/90 minutes

One advantage of Orthopedic Massage is  the client lies on their side allowing the therapist access to both muscle and joint tension. This softer form of bodywork is perfect for: clients that are uncomfortable lying on their back because of  back pain, shoulder injuries or pain that does not improve with rest or chronic deep seated neck stiffness leading to headaches, or working with fragile elderly clients .  By reducing joint and muscle stiffness and improving ease of movement the client will experience a decrease in their pain. The Curative Massage is an injury specific intervention that strives to relieve muscle spasms, muscle strain and sprain, and address medical conditions such as: low back pain, neck and shoulder stiffness and pain, rotator cuff pain, knee injuries, sciatica, frozen shoulder and many other common orthopedic conditions that cause pain and/or disability. A comprehensive medical massage therapy examination is given on the first visit to determine the most effective treatment plan. Orthopedic Massage is the preferred method when: the purpose of the visit is to rehab an injury, when deep tissue is too painful, when self massage and stretching or yoga is not achieving results or when you have an acute(new) injury.
Tip: Hurt yourself lifting weights? Hurt your back or hip or shoulder falling? Suffered through a uncomfortable airplane flight ending up with a neck ache. All these types of pain can be treated with Orthopedic Massage in one visit when addressed within the first 24 hours of onset. Often clients are surprised that the pain is no longer there after one visit!

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$100.00/60 minutes or $150/90 minutes

Sports Massage combines Deep Tissue techniques with tailor made Stretching in order to release chronic tension that deep tissue massage alone does not help. Especially effective for runners, cyclists, surfers and sports enthusiasts that struggle with muscle tightness buildup from weekly sports specific training workouts in their back, legs, hips, shoulders and neck.

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60 minute, or 90 minute massage sessions - Purchase Online

Strictly Therapeutic gift certificates are available for purchase so that you can show that special person how much he or she means to you. Giving the gift of massage is perfect for: wedding, anniversary, birthday, graduation, to start a vacation (especially after a long plane flight), to show your appreciation to a friend, employee or associate for a job well done! or just to cheer someone up.

Corporate Chair Massage  - Purchase online - See Traveling Services 

Chair Massage on the job site is extremely popular with employees. Strictly Therapeutic will massage the high tension areas of the neck, shoulders, upper back and arms. A great way to say thank you and show appreciation to your employees during employee appreciation week, or to manage the work stress especially when short staffed because of vacation leave or sick leave.
Companies with wellness plans offering chair massage on a weekly or bimonthly basis have learned this added benefit not only helps employees manage stress, it also is a very attractive health benefit to prospective new hires.

Massage Packages - Purchase Online - * Special Offers

 The 10 Pack.  Want to save money? Buying a package has advantages: Friends and Family can use your massage credit. Book longer sessions so you can get the therapeutic results you want in one session. Choose from the full menu of services. Come more frequently especially during stressful periods at work or when your body has a flare up that needs time to heal! Available on Tuesdays and Fridays only.

Mobile Massage - Purchase Online 

Or you can call/text Enrico: 415.724.7642

Receive massage at your home or business, or in your hotel room, to avoid the time, aggravation, and stress of commuting to your massage appointment.

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Signature Swedish Massage

$100.00/60 minutes    $150.00/90 minutes

Truly a pleasure to experience, the Signature Massage utilizes light to moderate pressure and gentle kneading motions along with long flowing strokes to leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.

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Aromatherapy Massage

$55.00/30 minutes    $100.00/60 minutes    $150.00/90 minutes

A relaxing treatment that restores energy and gives an elevated sense of well-being, the Aromatherapy Massage is a combination of the Signature Massage and pure essential oils with therapeutic properties, which are chosen specifically for each client.