I often hear from clients that they have a high pain tolerance so they can handle alot of pressure. Some clients will even say that they expect the massage to be painful but that in a couple of days they hope to feel amazing! Are you that client? So what is the difference between a strong massage and one that is painful? The short answer is the purpose for the client’s visit.  A client in pain prior to the massage will likely experience pain during the massage especially when they are asking for deep pressure to work the knot out.  At Strictly Therapeutic the belief is to try to romance the muscle tension by applying pressure in waves.  Clients that are unable to relax during the session because the pressure is too much can become even more tense which defeits the purpose for their visit.  On the other hand, a therapist that is able to layer in their strokes, working deeper  into the tissues slowely with the body’s permission, can aide their client more effectively without testing their pain threshold throughout the whole massage.  I have had many clients over the years comment that they felt looser, with better mobility and more relaxed becasue the pain was diminished or completely gone after one session.  In many cases, they did manage to fall  asleep for a short while during the session.

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